Stormo is a text-based weather service that takes the anxiety out of weather alerts.

Try Stormo today.

  • First, text ENROLL to (816) 203-3531 to get added to the system.
  • You're in! Follow the instructions in the confirmation message.
  • If you need help, text MORE to the same number.
  • Message and data rates may apply.

Why use Stormo?

  • You'll get weather alerts and updates as soon as they happen.
  • You won't waste data or storage space; Stormo is a text-based service.
  • It's completely risk free.
  • If you don't like it, just text OPTOUT to (816) 203-3531.


How much does Stormo cost?
Stormo is completely free, but we do ask you consider donating.

Will my carrier charge me for using Stormo?
Message and data rates may apply, check your carrier.

Where does Stormo get its information?
We currently pull data from NOAA and some local aerodromes.

Does Stormo sell my information?
No, we do not sell any information we collect.

What happens if I call Stormo?
Stormo recites warnings as they are said on a NOAA weather radio.

Will Stormo report multiple counties for me?
Yes, you can add as many counties as you want.

How often will Stormo text me?
On average, you'll get about six texts per month.

Does Stormo work outside of Missouri?
For now, Stormo only works in Missouri.

Will Stormo add forecasting?
We will eventually add a forecasting option.

What information does Stormo collect?
Stormo requires your phone number and county.

Does Stormo run system tests?
Stormo runs a test on the first Wednesday of the month.

How do I delete my info from Stormo?
Simply text OPTOUT to (816) 203-3531.


Stormo is online and operational because of generous people like you. Consider donating $5 to allow Stormo to keep working and growing.

When you donate:
  1. You give more people the chance to benefit from Stormo.
  2. You give Stormo the push it needs to add more features.
  3. You allow Stormo to grow bigger and reach more people.
  4. You give a local developer confidence.
Donate via PayPal:

About Us

Stormo is the work of a Liberty developer named Owen Adrian. Starting at a young age, Owen had an interest in both computers and meteorology, and nine years later at the age of 18, Stormo was released as a prototype alternative to EAS and NOAA weather radios.

Due to how people's use of cable and radio has changed, most people exclusively use the news and sirens for disaster prep, which can be vague in reporting the news effectively and generate anxiety. Stormo aims to solve this problem.

Please note that Stormo isn't a standalone service. Stormo is only meant to alert and instruct the user in the event of potentially dangerous weather conditions, not predict.