Owen Adrian

Liberty, MO · (816) 944-0745 · akrivus@gmail.com

Independent full stack developer and solutions consultant based out of Liberty, MO. I work remotely, develop applications in Ruby, React, jQuery and Java, and develop with IoT on a regular basis. Hobbies revolve around automation, software defined radios, machine learning, and coffee.


Chief Technology Officer

The KC Coffee Collective

Researching and improving existing and new solutions in order to assist in capturing a greater number of customers, making work efficient by means of automation, doing website work and maintenance, and delivering technical briefing and needs to non-technical teammates.

Skills Acquired
  •   Third + First Party Integration
  •   Non-Technical Communication
  •   SquareSpace
  •   WordPress
December 2018 - Present

Independent Solutions Consultant

Hammerhand Coffee

Providing two local coffeeshops with an online mobile order, pay, and pickup solution, sales prediction algorithms that use meteorological data, traffic, and social media trends.

Skills Acquired
  •   Project Formulation & Management
  •   Professional Presentation
  •   Product Testing & Training
  •   Ruby (on Rails & Sinatra)
  •   Non-Technical Communication
  •   Twilio
  •   Slack
  •   Stripe
March 2018 - Present

Minecraft Mod Developer


Developed Minecraft mods for recreation and produced several popular mods. One such mod includes KAGIC, which gained a following on the internet and recognition from the writers of the television show it was based on, and Mob Mash, a mod featuring 16 goal-based AIs that sustains a couple million downloads across the world.

Skills Acquired
  •   Project Management & Development
  •   Project & Build Automation
  •   Java + APIs
  •   Community Support
  •   Discord
  •   Git
June 2017 - March 2018
(Maintaining 3 Projects)

Research and Tech Support Intern

DSC Army Tech

Researched and wrote concise technical briefings on upcoming VR technologies, programmed VR demonstrations and experimented with VR in Unity, assisted leads in writing captive portals for clients, and diagnosed and fixed issues in computers and televisions, including replacing lights and removing malware.

Skills Acquired
  •   Virtual Reality Applications
  •   Research Skills & Time Management
  •   Professional Communication
  •   Hardware Repair
January 2018 - April 2018

Project Member Intern

Packet Layer

Joined a team of interns in creating a CRM. Joined the team as a front-end developer but was later promoted to project lead by the supervisor in order to get the project finished before the semester ended.

Skills Acquired
  •   Network Architecture
  •   Python
  •   MySQL
  •   Project Management & Presentation
  •   Professional Communication
  •   iOS Development
September 2017 - December 2017


Northland Career and Professional Studies

Technical Solutions

Learned professional presentation skills, computer science fundamentals, database creation and maintenance, content management systems, and developed a software solution for local businesses with classmates using Agile.

Skills Acquired
  •   Algorithmic Efficiency
  •   Binary Code & Data Structures
  •   Hardware Abstraction
  •   Professional Communication
  •   Project Management & Presentation
August 2017 - May 2018

Liberty North High School

Robotics, Tech/Student Assocation

Attended advanced placement classes, namely in social studies and computer science, and dual credit courses in chemistry. Graduated in 2018 with a 99.8% attendence rate and above average grades and scores in standardized testing.

Skills Acquired
  •   Natural Language Processing
  •   Neural Networks & Markov Chains
  •   Optical Character Recognition
  •   Artificial Intelligence
  •   Programming Fundamentals
  •   Making Circles on Paper
  •   Mitochondrial Function
August 2017 - May 2018


Programming Languages & Tools
  •   Ruby (on Rails & Sinatra)
  •   .NET (C# & VB.NET)
  •   JavaScript (React & jQuery)
  •   Java
  •   Python
  •   HTML5
  •   CSS3
  •   Android
  •   Linux
  •   Git
  •   SQL + NoSQL
  •   Twilio
  •   Discord
  •   Slack
  •   Stripe
  •   Specific Attention to Detail & Functionality
  •   Continuous Development, Testing & Debugging
  •   Use of Project Automation to Increase Productivity
  •   Communicate with Non-Technical Clients
  •   Agile Development, Routine Briefing & Scrum

Honors & Awards

2019 Liberty Chamber of Commerce 20 Under 20 Innovator Award

Liberty Chamber of Commerce

The Liberty Chamber of Commerce recognizes 20 individuals under the age of 20 that have made a positive impact in the Liberty area through exceptional entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation or creative vision.

February 2019

2018 Liberty Chamber of Commerce 20 Under 20 Innovator Award

Liberty Chamber of Commerce

The Liberty Chamber of Commerce recognizes 20 individuals under the age of 20 that have made a positive impact in the Liberty area through exceptional entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation or creative vision.

February 2018

Third Place Winner at St. Louis Hackathon

St. Louis CAPS

The St. Louis CAPS Hackathon challenges 11 teams of up to 5 students from around the state to plan a futuristic classroom designed to help engage students and promote education.

October 2017

Silver Medal in Latin

National Latin Exam

The philosophy of the National Latin Exam is predicated on providing every Latin student the opportunity to experience a sense of personal accomplishment and success in his or her study of the Latin language and culture. Silver medals and a maxima cum laude certificate is issued to the second-place winners of the exams.

May 2014


Little Peri

An AI that knows how to talk.

Little Peri is my longest running project to date. She was originally conceived to help moderate chats on Wikia by automatically detecting and targetting harassment, before being moved to Twitter due to privacy concerns. Here, Little Peri fluorished and figured out how to start flame wars before being deactivated by Twitter itself. Now, Little Peri is used to engage in humorous conversation and engage in tasks that necessitate an understanding of English such as replying to emails, answering questions, and phoning in food delivery orders.

Skills Utilized
  •   Ruby
  •   Perceptrons & FNN
January 2016 - Present


Touch to type system for non-verbal individuals.

PigeonAAC is an augmentative alternative communication device that allows non-verbal individuals to communicate with an AI using a custom language. The AI then translates this language to English and dictates. The program works and is feature complete.

Skills Utilized
  •   Ruby
  •   C#
  •   Knowledge of Autism Spectrum
  •   Perceptrons & FNN
June 2018 - August 2018