Owen Adrian

Kansas City, MO · (816) 260-9270 · akrivus@gmail.com

I started programming at the age of 9 and have used my knowledge to produce professional software solutions for a little over 2 years now. I use my programming to solve problems I encounter in my everyday life and consider it a core aspect of who I am and therefore would like it to be a defining part of my professional life as well.


Chief Technical Consultant

The KC Coffee Collective

Researching and improving existing and generating new solutions in order to assist in capturing a greater number of customers, making work efficient by means of automation, doing website work and maintenance, and delivering technical briefing and needs to non-technical teammates.

See The KC Coffee Collective's website here.
October 2018 - Present

Software Solutions Consultant

Hammerhand Coffee

Designed a software solution service for Hammerhand Coffee as part of a school assignment to help local businesses increase revenue. Customers are given the option to order and pay for coffee online using a system written in Ruby using Square, Twilio, and Sinatra, along with earn rewards for buying coffee. After six months of use, mobile order and pay manages to actively bring in additional sales and is reported to be simple and convenient to use.

See Hammerhand Coffee's mobile ordering here.
March 2018 - Present

Minecraft Mod Developer


Developed Minecraft mods for recreation and ended up producing several popular mods. Two such mods are KAGIC, a mod inspired by the television series, Steven Universe, which has collected about 300,000 downloads worldwide, and Mob Mash, my largest mod featuring 16 new, unique enemies, with roughly 900,000 downloads across the internet.

See my Minecraft mods in detail here.
June 2017 - Present

Research and Tech Support Intern

DSC Army Tech

Researched and wrote concise technical briefings on upcoming VR technologies, programmed VR demonstrations and experimented with VR in Unity, assisted leads in writing captive portals for clients, and diagnosed and fixed issues in computers and televisions, including replacing lights and removing malware.

January 2018 - April 2018

Project Member Intern

Packet Layer

Joined a team of interns in creating a CRM. Joined the team as a front-end developer but was later promoted to project lead by the supervisor in order to get the project finished before the semester ended.

September 2017 - December 2017


Northland Career and Professional Studies

Technical Solutions

Learned professional presentation skills and demonstrated team work skills in developing a software solution with the Agile method.

August 2017 - May 2018

Liberty North High School

Liberty Robotics 1764

Attended advanced placement classes throughout high school and achieved almost perfect attendance records.

August 2014 - May 2018


Programming Languages & Tools
  • User-First, Responsive Design
  • Continuous Testing & Debugging
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Agile Development & Scrum


Within computer programming, I enjoy coding simple puzzle games, creating task-oriented automation systems that help me throughout my day, and Minecraft mods that use goal-specific artificial intelligence to overcome in-game obstacles. I have even developed a chatbot that helps with more human-oriented tasks such as ordering takeout, responding to calls, and answering questions and emails for me.

Outside of technology, I listen to a wide variety of music, ranging from alternative, to rock, to rap, and watch several online video series and televisions shows. I enjoy learning about the world around me and understanding other languages and culture. I can speak Chinese, Persian Farsi, and can read Russian. I also design aquaponics systems, grow produce in my backyard, and plant "microgardens" inside of water bottles.



Turn Minecraft into an IoT device.

RESTfulCraft creates a RESTful server in Minecraft that allows external devices and programs like cURL to interact with individual blocks and devices in Minecraft. The eventual goal is simplifying the system enough that smart home programs can interact with redstone devices and neural networks can be used to increase the avenues of in-game automation without installing actual mods into the game.

See RESTfulCraft here.
December 2018 - Present

Mob Mash

Minecraft mod with 900,000 downloads worldwide.

Mob Mash is an example of goal-focused AI in Minecraft. Each mob in Mob Mash has a task to fulfill, which can range from killing the player to imitating whatever is around it. Due to the complex yet simplistic nature of the mod and the challenges that it provides, Mob Mash earned a large following, especially in Russia, and is my largest mod to date.

See Mob Mash here.
August 2017 - Present

KAGIC and Amalgam

Minecraft mod with 300,000 downloads worldwide.

KAGIC started development in July 2017. It added lore and characters from the show Steven Universe and expanded on an in-show technology. I later quit KAGIC development in July 2018 after graduating high school, and now work on Amalgam, an external rewrite of KAGIC that changes the mod to have a more fulfilling gameplay experience in survival mode.

See KAGIC and Amalgam here.
July 2017 - Present

Little Peri

An AI that knows how to talk.

Little Peri is my longest running project to date. She was originally conceived to help moderate chats on Wikia by automatically detecting and targetting harassment, before being moved to Twitter due to privacy concerns. Here, Little Peri fluorished and figured out how to start flame wars before being deactivated by Twitter itself.

Now, Little Peri is used to engage in humorous conversation and engage in tasks that necessitate an understanding of English such as replying to emails, answering questions, and sending phone call orders for food.

See Little Peri here.
January 2016 - Present


Machine learning in Minecraft.

Originally called Revolution, Lith is a mod that adds tribes of humans into Minecraft that communicate with one another and coordinate themselves in a manner allowing them to expand and take advantage of the world around them. Machine learning is reward-based, in which the mobs must reserve energy and avoid being injured.

See Lith here.
August 2018 - November 2018


Touch to type system for non-verbal individuals.

PidgeonTalk is an augmentative alternative communication device that allows non-verbal individuals to communicate with Peri using a custom language. Peri then translates this language to English and speaks. The program works and is feature complete.

See PidgeonTalk here.
June 2018 - August 2018

Lars of the Stars

The ultimate space opera arcade fangame.

Designed in lieu of the release of the Steven Universe episode with the same name, Lars of the Stars became a fan favorite when it was released via Discord. It was based on Galaca, and not much else is different aside from the more fan-oriented theme. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to convert to Mono after switching to Linux, and outside of a failed attempt at recreating it in pygame, the game is in an undeveloped state. Being licensed GPLv3 gives future development some hope, however.

See Lars of the Stars here.
October 2017 - October 2018

Word Wrap

Language learning guessing game.

Word Wrap is a language trivia game in which a word and four alternative translations are provided. Players are given the pronounciation of the word and must guess what the word means. It received some regular use in early 2018, however was taken down after a player figured out how to corrupt the database via SQL injection.

See Word Wrap here.
September 2017 - September 2018